Professional Celebrant from Brighton (UK) with a passion for languages

I am a fully-trained member of the Institute of Professional Celebrants. I live in Brighton with my two teenage children, having made this wonderful city my home after moving to the UK over 20 years ago from Cologne, one of the jolly cities in the German Rhineland. Growing up at the centre of the European mainland with several borders nearby sparked an early interest in foreign languages and I am lucky to speak 6 (German Spanish Portuguese French Dutch and Russian, and hopefully more to come when I retire).

I hold a degree as an interpreter/translator and my professional life has involved international project development and responsibility for client relationships across all continents. It fascinates me to find ways that help us communicate across boundaries – not only those imposed by speaking different languages.

Being a widow, I have experienced love and loss, and love found again. I believe ceremonies and rituals for the important moments of change in our lives are vital and helpful for us as human beings and they can bring us together. With the traditional religions being less prominent in people’s lives, I would be honoured to help you fill this space with ceremonies that mark those moments in ways that reflect who you are, with your family and friends. And if they happen to be from different cultures and speak different languages, I can deliver ceremonies in more than one language.

I would be delighted to hear from you and have a chat about how we can create your ceremony together.

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